Smart Lock Installation and maintenance

Smart Lock Installation and maintenance
Siemens Smart Lock (Genuine Goods) Customer Services

Terms and Conditions

1. Partner Home Devices Co., Ltd. is the sole services provider for the installation, warranty and technical services of Siemens Smart Lock (Genuine Goods ) to customers.

2.  Our technical staff provides installation service for Siemens Smart Lock (Genuine Goods) from Monday to Friday (09:00 - 18:00) and Saturday (09:00 - 13:00). Customers are requested always to make installation appointment at least 1 hour beforehead.

3. We promise the smart lock installation service will be provided within 3 days after the service order is placed. Whenever applicable, extra service charge will be levied under the following circumstances:

(a) If the service area is situated in remote areas like the outlying islands including Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, an extra service charge of HKD 400 will be levied.

(b) If the installation is made on the metal door, an extra service charge of HKD 500 will be levied.
 *No Brand-new metal Door will be accepted for installation.

(c) Whenever there is request from customers for any extra accessories, such request will only be entertained and such accessories be handled/ provided by Partner Home Devices Co., Ltd.
      * Price will be quoted upon request.

4. Once a service order is received, we will confirm such order by returning a reply via WhatsApp to the customer within 24 hours. If it is an emergency case, referral will be made to our technical staff who will then contact the customer  direct.

5. All customers are required to complete the following procedures properly with the help of our technical staff before and after the installation service:

(a) The invoice will be arranged in quadruple copies: both the customer and our technical staff will keep one copy each while the remaining copies will go to our company.

(b) Our technical staff and the customer open the box together on the spot to versify the packaging seals and check the product is in good condition. After the installation is completed. both technical staff and customer are required to sign the " Certificate of Acceptance."

6. To ensure the privacy of customers, our technical staff will not disclose or copy customer's personal information to anyone.

7. In the course of rendering installation service and/ or any relating service to our customers on behalf of the company, no additional fees will be incurred by our technical staff direct besides the price as quoted and agreed by both parties beforehand.

8. During the installation process, our technical staff will be responsible to indemnify the customers against any loss and /or damage of property owing to the fault of our technical staff as proven.

9. Outdoor installation is not recommended. If customers insist, 5- year warranty service will not be provided.

About maintenance service

10. We will relay the office hotline to our technical staff, they will then contact our customers by WhatsApp immediately.  Our pledge is to  provide quality service to our customers:

(a) Our technical staff will be deployed to render service on the spot within 4 hours (round the clock/ Any time is accepted).

(b) When our technical staff is deployed and arrives to give on-the-spot advice even-though no installation will be made possible owing to a sudden change of mind or any cause on the part of the customer, still a fee of HKD600 will be levied.

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