【#PHDBlackFriday】Buy SIEMENS Smartlock C320/C321 will get HKD100 coupon!

The annual #BlackFriday is coming again ❗ 🗓️If you purchase SIEMENS smartlock C320/C321 at PHD Wanchai store, you will be given a HKD100 supermarket cash coupon‼ ️ A rare opportunity! If you are interested, please don’t miss it ❗ ⚠️Terms and Conditions⚠️ *The event is only applicable to PHD WanChai store. *The number of coupons

Siemens Smartlock has completely ended

【Siemens Smartlock has completely ended】 The three-day Siemens exhibition at Sheung Tak Shopping Centre has completely ended. Thank you for your support! We will continue to hold exhibitions in different places so that everyone can learn about our products in person. Don’t want to miss our exhibition, just remember to pay close attention to our

What is the keep selling points the Siemens Smartlock?

【What is the keep selling points the Siemens Smartlock?】 Siemens Smartlocks C320 and C321 are very popular nowadays, and what are the differences from other smartlock? Let’s see! ◾️Siemens intelligent electronic door locks, using top technology, combined with humanized aesthetic design, a fusion of art and innovation, inspire a new way of life. Four ways

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