Will the Siemens smartlock lock be maintained?

All smartlock products purchased by PHD of Siemens special model will receive a 5 year warranty. If the electronic door lock fails during the maintenance period, you can contact us for repair and maintenance. However, all electronic lock failures caused by man-made damage are not within the scope of maintenance. If maintenance is still required, additional maintenance fees will be charged.

If the buyer does not arrange the installation by the master by Partner Home Devices Company Limited, it will automatically lose the 5-year warranty.

When will we install the smartlock?

We will deliver the goods first and then install. After delivery, our staff will contact buyer to arrange suitable time for installation.

Is my door suitable for installing Siemens smartlocks?

Guest should take photos of the door and send it to us before buying. Our staff will provide professional advice and make sure the door could be installed Siemens Door lock.

What is the difference between Siemens C320 and C321 smartlock?

C320 and C321 electronic locks have similar functions. The material of C320 is mainly zinc alloy, it is not easy to leave fingerprints. C321 involve built-in Faraday Cage, highly prevent external electromagnetic interference.

Will the Siemens smartlock fail to open without power?

When the battery is low, the electronic door lock will give low-battery warning every time. It could be used about 55 to 60 times . If the user still forgets to change the batteries, he can also use the USB charger or directly use the key to open the door. .

Can the Siemens smartlock could be open with an Octopus Card?

For security reasons, Siemens smartlock only allow fingerprints/passwords/CPU cards/keys. Octopus cannot be set as a key.

Does it cost extra to install smartlock on the unequal double door?

The installation of Siemens smartlock on the unequal double door requires an additional installation fee.