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Siemens Smartlock has completely ended

【Siemens Smartlock has completely ended】 The three-day Siemens exhibition at Sheung Tak Shopping Centre has completely ended. Thank you for your support! We will continue to hold exhibitions in different places so that everyone can learn about our products in person. Don’t want to miss our exhibition, just remember to pay close attention to our

Oct 18 – Oct 21 TKO Gateway Exhibition

【Oct 18 – Oct 21 TKO Gateway Exhibition — Siemens Smart lock Exhibition】   Siemens Smart lock Exhibition Date:18/10/2020(Sun) – 21/10/2020(Wed) Opening Hours:10am – 9pm Venue:TKO Gateway EAST, G/F(4 minutes walk from Exit A1 of Kengkou Subway Station) * Foodlane Opposite   Free $300 supermarket cash coupon   For any purchase of #Siemens Siemens smart

One-day Store Manager Event with River Gor

【One-day Store Manager Event with River Gor 】   Our Product Ambassador Gregory 河國榮 went to PHD Siemens smartlock exhibition as the “One Day Store Manager” at TKO plaza yesterday. River Gor will continue to introduce our flagship products in detail to all of you. Siemens Smartlock exhibition Date:16/9/2020(Wed) – 1/10/2020(Thurs) Opening Hours:10am – 9pm

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