Behind-the-scenes of Wai Chai store Grand Opening Ceremony

【 ▪Behind-the-scenes of Wai Chai store Grand Opening Ceremony】

The Grand Opening Ceremony for the new PHD Wan Chai store on April 17 has ended 👏👏. Thank you very much for the guests who came to the new store on April 17. Thank you very much for your support🥰.
We are also very honored to be able to invite Mr. Gregory River Charles Ho. Arie, Mr. Lee Sheung Ching, and Miss Aiyana Lo to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new PHD Wan Chai store. Thank you again for taking the time to attend the opening ceremony.

At the same time, I also hope that you will support PHD more in the future. PHD will continue to receive every customer with a professional service attitude and provide everybody with high-quality products.

4月17日PHD灣仔新店的開幕剪綵儀式已經完滿結束👏👏,非常感謝於4月17日蒞臨PHD 灣仔新店的客人,十分多謝你們的支持🥰。
我們也非常榮幸能夠邀請河國榮先生、J. Arie,李尚正先生和盧頌恩小姐為PHD灣仔新店一同舉行剪綵儀式,再次多謝他們撥冗參加開幕禮。


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